Mahmudul Munna Sylhet SEO Expert Who Can Put Your Business On Page 1 Of Google

Mahmudul Munna is a Bangladeshi SEO expert based in Sylhet, helping businesses in Sylhet, Bangladesh and around the World (I work with US, UK, CA and any other English websites, too) to grow their online visibility and generate more sales and revenue.

Getting Started

SEO Services that will get you new clients

Do you want your website to rank higher on Google searches? Do you need traffic from targeted visitors who are ready to buy your products or services? You need the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services of a Sylhet SEO expert! Purchase my SEO Services today and get new clients for your website. My name is Mahmudul Munna, and I am a Sylhet SEO expert and Graphic Designer.

Below is an image showcasing one of my greatest professional achievements: my personal web page ranked first on with the keyword “Sylhet SEO expert.” With my SEO services, your website can also rank as a top Google search result for your desired keyword searches.

My professional Bangladesh (BD) SEO services are fair and realistic. As I always work in my clients’ best interests, I make them aware that ranking as the number one Google search result can be a major, time-consuming, and expensive challenge. However, ranking on the first page of a Google search is a much more attainable goal, so we begin with this as a starting point as we work up the search page.

Most importantly, I am a friend—motivated to assist fellow business owners by providing top-quality SEO services. Choose an expert SEO specialist and consultant that is practical and excited to help you reach your goals.

Top 5 reasons to choose me as your SEO expert in Sylhet

1. I really care:
I treat each website and SEO project with exceptional care. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and take genuine pride in my clients’ success. As a perfectionist by nature, I will handle your orders with the utmost accuracy. With long-term results in mind, I only produce manual SEO work—nothing is automated. White Hat SEO services are offered through a clean, off-site SEO campaign.

2. Efficient use of the budget:
To stay ahead of other Sylhet SEO experts and SEO consultants of Bangladesh, I always do my best to provide significantly better SEO services than that of my competitors—for the same price. By choosing my SEO services, you will get more out of your investment with me over other providers. I have fruitful connections with bloggers, webmasters, and other Bangladeshi website owners, so I am consistently on top of the market in this space and can offer you the best deals.

3. Trying to get permanent backlinks:
With permanent backlinks, your search engine ranking will last as a top result. This is a top priority in ranking my clients’ content. As your high ranking will be a long-term result, investing in my SEO services will be highly profitable in the long run. 

4. Constant SEO experimentation:
As an SEO expert specializing in BD SEO services, I have conducted many SEO experiments to understand how Google ranks websites in Sylhet and BD. I found that Google is ranking local websites by monitoring up to 400,000 search patterns. I apply these findings to carefully curate my client’s SEO rankings that are in line with these search patterns.

5. Up to date with the Google Search Updates:
I always stay up-to-date with the latest Google updates. These updates affect the criteria by which Google ranks its search result. To maximize my client’s rankings, I am versed in the following updates: September 2022 core update, Bert, Mobile First Index, Panda, Penguin and Rank Brain.

How I am trying to be a better SEO Specialist in Sylhet

I like to play fair:
Don’t be fooled by overly-sophisticated language and lengthy SEO reports. Effective SEO is driven by best practices and enhanced results: higher rankings, more web traffic, and increased revenue for client businesses. I am motivated to transform the internet and contribute to a better virtual marketplace. By optimizing my client’s content, I can put deserving businesses on the map.

I’m one of the SEO specialist pioneers of
Recently, the local SEO market in Bangladesh has become overcrowded with inexperienced companies and specialists who do not offer professional SEO services. It can be difficult to decipher which SEO servicer to trust. Start by looking for those with longstanding professional experience. I began my career on a small team of SEO specialists for Working for Google has provided the necessary education, skills, and experience to launch my own SEO services.

I am trying to be a better SEO specialist so I am not limiting the work that I provide to “this” or “that”:
Due to my well-rounded skill set, I can pinpoint a multitude of web issues while working on a project. If I spot an issue, I fix it—no questions asked. Businesses hire SEO experts in Sylhet to fully optimize their content. This includes making necessary improvements to every aspect of a website or landing page.

I offer a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement):
The safety of your business is a top priority. All of your website login passwords, credentials, and other sensitive data are safe with me. Offering a signed NDA will ensure protection and security for your company.

Pause, cancel or restart at any time:
You can pause, stop, or restart my SEO services at any time. When a collaboration project ends, all work, results, and achievements are awarded to the client. With mutual benefit, clients will reap the benefits of successful SEO and I am happy to add another top-ranking Google SEO project to my portfolio.

Local SEO Services in Bangladesh

Our SEO Services are specially created for BD and Sylhet-based companies. Most of our clients are small business owners based in Dhaka or across Bangladesh. We also serve clients from the following cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Barisal, Rangpur, Comilla, Narayanganj, and Gazipur.

SEO Services for Google.Com.BD

Our search engine optimization is geared towards However, other search engines such as, and also pick up our SEO. We offer local SEO services for websites based in Bangladesh and throughout Asia that target the BD audience.

White Hat SEO Services Only

We value honest search engine rankings. Therefore, we only offer White Hat SEO. We do not believe it is fair to influence search engines to rank a website that does not deserve it. Our client’s web content will organically rank on search pages due to high-quality optimization. Proper SEO is about creating an enticing brand name, generative link-building foundation, seamless user experience, and engaging content so that Google cannot resist listing your page as a top search result.

SEO Services For Mobile Devices

Search engine optimization is curated in such a way that it provides the highest rankings among diverse technology and platforms. This includes mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.